Facial Fusion

One device, four effective methods, nine different treatment protocols

Facial Fusion, the most advanced skin care device is new product innovation by Hoitolatukku. The device is modular and multifunctional, it combines four features: Lympha – Derma – RF – ELPO. It activates, exfoliates and peels the skin, cleans an enlarged pores and absorbs nourishing serums into the skin. All the functions are safe, comfortable and suitable for all skin types.

Lympha Fusion
Lympha Fusion will improve the fluid and blood circulation of the skin, accelerate renewal of the skin as well as improve the acceptance of the skin care products and other methods.
Lympha Fusion is especially good to customers with a skin prone to sensitivity, rosacea or couperosa. Lympha Fusion will deliver remarkable benefits to customers with acne, scars or aged skin. Lympha Fusion will contribute healing of different traumas and fasten healing of skin after surgical procedures.

DermaFusion is refreshing method for deep cleansing of the skin! It combines super effective peeling and draining of the skin pores. Cleansing of the skin is more complete and gentle than ever before.
Dermafusion is particularly beneficial in unblocking skin pores, cleansing impurities and minimising expanded skin pores. It also brightens gray and lifeless skin.

RF-Fusion will firm, brighten and activate the skin. RF-Fusion is a smoothing, firming and brightening phase that will give the skin remarkably younger look.
RF-Fusion is especially beneficial to treat droopy and wrinkly skin, acne-scars and stretch marks, couperosa, double chin, to treat expanded skin pores and brightening the skin.

With ELPO-fusion it is possible to infiltrate effective substances deep into skin. This is done completely painlessly and without breaking the surface of a skin. ELPO-Fusion is finalising and deep penetrating phase of a treatment.
ELPO-Fusion is especially good to treat dry and nutrient poor skin, as well as treating aged skin or skin that is recovering from structural weaknesses.

All the modules are usable together or individually.

Four effective methods that can be combined into 9 different treatment protocols.

  1. Unique triple-phase Lymphafusion
    – face massage improves skins circulation
  2. Painless and effective skin cleansing with Dermafusion
  3. Youthful and tight skin with RF-Fusion
  4. Nourishment and nutrition deep into skin with Elpo-fusion