Northern light shr

Scandinavian Skin Northern Light SHR (Super Hair Removal) devices Polaris, Solo and Duo present the latest evolution of IPL devices. Due to the advances in capasitor technology the interval between bursts of light is short enough to allow continuous movement of the handpiece over the skin during treatment. The treatment can be done with “rapid fire” safely, efficiently and painlessly, while the triple cooling system of Northern Light devices makes the treatments more comfortable to the client.
While skin damaging wavelengths of light have been filtered away from all of the Northern Light devices, simultaneously the wavelengths affecting hair follicles have been enhanced. This ensures better and more comfortablethan ever results in permanent hair removal with less power. The narrower and more precise band of wavelengths of light also guarantee better results in treatment of skin disorders.

Scandinavian Skin Northern Light – Power of light

Northern light Solo is a table top one handpiece device for permanent hair removal. Duo in turn is a table top device with two handpieces, one for hair removal and another for skin care treatments. Polaris is floor standing device with large wheels for easy transport.
All Scandinavian Skin Northern Light devices have built in touch screen LCD- control panel with intuitive multi lingual user interface.

Northern Light Polaris

Northern Light Duo

Northern Light Solo