Story behind products

Scandinavian Skin is a range of products developed in Finland, the cleanest and most beautiful part of Scandinavia. Behind the product development of Scandinavian Skin is a reflection of the Viking Age, about strength, success, strong grip to adventures and challenges in life. Women in the Viking society enjoyed more freedom and authority in their communities than many other women of their day. Women have traveled alongside the men and played an active role in the Viking life.

Like The Vikings we challenge you, our customer, to seek adventures and the freedom of life. Let us fight with you for your skin and also indulge your skin with a sensitive touch.

The paragon to the philosophy of Scandinavian Skin is a bold and fearless woman of the Viking era, ahead of her time, yet still affectionate, loving and caring mother, a strong but feminine warrior.

The ultimate goal of Scandinavian Skin is to provide best possible skin care products with high-quality active ingredients and high concentration of naturalness.