Instant facelift with permanent make-up!

Top Designer 2.0

The elegant design and top of the range technology will captivate all – new and experienced technicians. The precision controls of Scandinavian Skin Top Designer 2.0 will make working a great pleasure. It is a simple to use device with clear controls.

The sophisticated hygiene system of the hand piece guarantees that the Scandinavian Skin Top Designer 2.0 will only need minimal cleaning with mild equipment disinfectant.

With the speed range of the Top Designer 2.0 from 100 to a maximum of 200, it will cover all your required treatments. The speed adjustment is done simply by pressing either the + or – button.

With easy and clear functions and at an affordable price it is a real eye catcher for beginners and the experienced artists alike.


Permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is the injection of pigment into the skin, where the most effect method of injection is the needle. The work is executed by a permanent make-up device, developed by Scandinavian Skin pigmentator.

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Scandinavian follicle method

SFM is a method where hair bulb looking points are tattooed to the scalp with the combination of patented roller and needles. Points are really natural-looking. Points can also be made to a person who has thin hair.

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