Permanent Make-up

What is Permanent Make-up?

Permanent make-up is the injection of pigment into the skin, where the most effect method of injection is the needle. Scandinavian Skin Permanent Make Up is the most natural looking system in the market. The work is executed by a permanent make-up device, developed by Scandinavian Skin pigmentator. Our company believes that the formula for successful permanent make-up depends on four elements:

  • Device (technology)
  • Color (quality)
  • Technique (stability and work method)
  • Selection of needles (type and structure) and deep understanding of Needle Theory

Permanent make-up provides an ideal appearance for women who wish to look their best all day long. Permanent makeup provides a solution for thin eyebrows, sunken eyes and thin lips. It enables scars to be covered, nipple reconstruction and repair of cleft palates. It can be used to highlight eyes with eyeliner, to create a filler effect and shading of eyebrows, delineation and filling of lips, beauty marks, etc. The permanent make-up process requires the use of sterile professional tools, a sharp disposable needle and no less important, skilled hands.
Scandinavian Skin Permanent Make-up with Top Designer is highly recommended by thousands of customers, hair salons, nail building salons, bridal salons and makeup salons.
Using the device assures that the maximal amount of pigment is injected into the desired area. The device is operated with a quiet motor and features a unique needle structure that enables sharp clean lines. The use of the device saves precious time for both make-up artists and their customers.
The device is operated by foot or by hand only and protects the integrity of the needle, does not spray the color when operated and the tip of the needle is created such that it sucks up the color and injects it only upon contact with the skin.
Scandinavian Skin permanent makeup method features a large number of needle structures, where each type of makeup has its own unique needle structure.

Permanent Make-up VS Make-up

It is essential to differentiate between design for permanent makeup and design for makeup application. With permanent makeup, it must be considered that the obtain results, regarding shape as much as color and intensity, must be in harmony with each other throughout the duration of the procedure. In other words, the chosen design should be appropriate to whatever the time of the day, whatever the client’s personal and profession situation, while also taking into account specific factors that change over the years, such as facial flaccidity and expression lines.

The client’s satisfaction must be obtained, taking into account their personality, tastes and needs. For this, you need to achieve a balance in the face by correcting asymmetries and defects. However, exaggerated changes should never be made and the fundamental objective is to achieve the most natural look possible with chosen design.