SFM – Scandinavian Follicle Method

What is it?

SFM is a method where hair bulb looking points are tattooed to the scalp with the combination of patented roller and needles. Points are really natural-looking.

Points can also be made to a person who has thin hair. Scalp does not shine trough hair, but method gives an impression of thick hair.

Both men and women worldwide are experiencing an increasing condition of balding.

Balding comes in many forms and is caused by many conditions. What is common is that nobody likes to get bald. Therefore, we came up with SFM revolutionary combination method that provides an immediate solution to the problem. Instead of using powders, wigs or hair transplant you can obtain the same look by getting this procedure.

This procedure uses an optical illusion technique. The reason that one may look bald is because we can see their scalp. This procedure dyes the scalp using the roller and a single needle and inserting pigments to the scalp consistent with the client’s follicle color. Once we complete the procedure, it looks like the client has new hair follicles coming out.

We can control the density of the follicles according to our client. If we have a woman then we want to give her as much density as possible but in case of a bald man we will create low density of follicles that are not over saturated. In the case that we have a man that has hair or been through hair transplant procedure and now has thin hair, we will do medium density of follicles.

Bring back the old days!

As soon as your client walks out of the door, they already feel more confident. This procedure should last between 1 to 3 years depending on the health of your client, their sun exposure and habits. It is most recommended to do a touch up procedure once a year to obtain best results.